English Service (Express Yourself Pt 1)

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We were created to love and be loved. That is worship. Worship is love expressed. You are a worshipper! You are made to express love. The important key question you must ask yourself is... who or what do I worship?

Key Scriptures:

Revelation 3:20 Passion

Behold, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come in to you and feast with you, and you will feast with me.

Exodus 3:1-5 NLT

One day Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian. He led the flock far into the wilderness and came to Sinai, the mountain of God. There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the middle of a bush. Moses stared in amazement. Though the bush was engulfed in flames, it didn’t burn up. “This is amazing,” Moses said to himself. “Why isn’t that bush burning up? I must go see it.” When the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses! Moses!” “Here I am!” Moses replied. “Do not come any closer,” the Lord warned. “Take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground...

Three words that explains what happens in the midst of worship:

#1) LOOK

2 Corinthians 3:18

  • It’s important to focus on God when we come to church.

  • If we look to God, He changes us for the better.


Psalm 9:3 | Psalm 16:11 | Psalm 68:8 | Acts 3:19

  • After we have God’s attention He will speak.

  • We need to spend more time in His Presence. Blessings come from His Presence.


Psalm 103:7 | Psalm 73:1-17 | Matthew 2:11

  • Some people want to see miracles more than the God of those miracles.

Top 5 Reasons Why Worship Even When You Don't Feel It

5) By Faith

4) God’s Word Says So

3) It’s A Command Not A Suggestion 

2) It Demonstrates Faithfulness & Authenticity 

1) He Is Worthy!

6 Biblical Worship Expressions

1) Clapping

  • Two reasons why we clap:

1- Victory (Job 27:23; Nahum 3:19)

2- Joy of the Lord (Psalm 98:8; Isaiah 55:12)

2) Shouting

Psalms 47:1 | Galatians 4:27a

  • Worship is an act of faith.

3) Singing

Psalm 95:1 | Psalm 96:1 | Numbers 21:16-17

  • If you worship Him, you will see your victory, you will receive His blessings!

4) Bowing & Kneeling

Psalm 95:6 | Matthew 4:9-10

  • Bowing is an act of submission. Kneeling is an act of honor.

5) Lifting Hands

Psalm 63:4 | Psalm 134:2

  • Culturally, lifting hands is an act of surrendering. Biblically, lifting hands is an act o blessing.

6) Dancing

Psalm 149:3 | Psalm 150


Luke 7:31-32 NLT

“To what can I compare the people of this generation?” Jesus asked. “How can I describe them? They are like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends, ‘We played wedding songs, and you didn’t dance, so we played funeral songs, and you didn’t weep.’

  • Don’t miss out of your day of visitation.
  • Will you be expressing your love to Him?