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Holy Spirit Pt. 3: How Is This Person?


Today we will talk about how the Holy Spirit carries out/disperses His ministry. In other words, How is this person in whom is called God the Holy Spirit?

Key Scriptures: John 14:16-17 Passion

And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Savior, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who will be to you a friend just like me—and he will never leave you. The world won’t receive him because they can’t see him or know him. But you will know him intimately, because he will make his home in you and will live inside you.

(Bible References: John 14:25-26; 15:26; 16:7, 12-13)

  • The Greek word “paraklētos”:

◦ = Intercessor, Comforter, advocate, defense attorney, encourager; one called to stand next to you as a helper.

◦ para = along side; kletos = to come

◦ The translator chose the word Savior because one word alone is not enough to explain adequately the full meaning.


(Bible References: John 16:8-11; John 12:31; John 3:17)

  • The Holy Spirit does these three things:

◦ Convicts you that you need a Savior (Sin)

◦ Convicts you that you have been made righteous before God. (Righteousness)

◦ Convicts you that Satan has no authority over your life. (Judgement)


(Bible References: Galatians 5:22-23; Matthew 7:16a; John 15:15)

  • The Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us to live a Christian life. He gives us the power to be witnesses of a living God.

  • If you want to know the evidence/benefits of the baptism of the Holy Spirit... it is:

◦ His Fruit

◦ His Power

◦ His Love


(Bible Reference: Acts 5:3-4)

  • The Holy Spirit is God, and our God is a loving God. He edifies us. He gives us Love & Hope.


(Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:5)

  • When you put Him first, He promises to be with at all times. Even when times get tough. He is there. He will not allow you to loose your grip on life.

  • All of this happens when we come into a relationship with God the Holy Spirit.